The Dysfunction Room Podcast

The Dysfunction Room is ineptly recorded in the salubrious upstairs room of The Rutland Arms in Sheffield. Warning: there will be sweariness.

This episode may contain the following subject matter; angst, boilers, Enya guilt, crowbars, Vitriola, Chris TT , The Huntsman Comes A Marchin , Golden Brown, Crooked - Richard Pett, My Dad Wrote a Porno, Pounded in the Butt by my own eBook, Kindle amateur literature, Post Office & Spurn Point Bones.

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Thanks for listening.

Credits: Mostly the hard work of recording and editing has been undertaken by Sam and you can fawn over him on Twitter @andomain Principle inspiration and motivation was provided by Luci and you should follow him on Twitter @generallucifer The onerous labour of booking a free room was undertaken by Andrew who's random shoutings are broadcast on Twitter @cyclingtiger Loquaciousness was supplied by goood local breweries and we recommend supporting yours (and ours because they're better). Music by Lobo Loco